RemarkableTip presents a speech on the topic “HOW TO SAVE OUR PRECIOUS EARTH” in front of you all which will help you to gather some information about our earth, how it is depleting, and how we can save it from further depleting.

Following speech can be given in front of class or school to aware students and people.


Today our earth is in hands of danger. People are overusing the resources. Today our forests and wildlife are decreasing rapidly. Due to which biodiversity is decreasing day by day. Therefore we have to save our earth and environment, wildlife and save our precious resources so that our next generation which is known as the backbone of our country can also use these resources and can live life without any problem.

Earth is the only known planet where life exists, it has trees and forests, mountains and rivers, and other useful and important, powerful and precious things which just not only give products for daily life but also make us feel good when suffering from anxiety and depression.

But all these precious things are decreasing day by day due to human activities. One of the main important reasons behind this is overuse of fossil fuels and increasing population of India and also the world. Our population is increasing day by day, therefore, demands people are also increasing for wood, fuel, food, shelter, etc. Due to which forest area is also decreasing day by day. People are cutting down trees to fulfill their needs, not thinking of the upcoming generations. Due to this, deforestation has become a major problem, i.e. cutting down trees in large scale or area.

Some of the adverse and dangerous (harmful) effects of deforestation are:

  1. Desertification
  2. Landslides
  3. Climate change
  4. Soil erosion

Over use of fossil fuels is another major reason by which earth is getting depleted. Fossil fuel products like coal and petroleum, when released in the atmosphere, produce harmful gases, which are poisonous to humans and animals and even our environment. Inhalation of these gases can cause various disorders in human beings.                                                                                                                                                                                  We can save our earth by following methods:

  1. Planting , more and more trees that is also known as afforestation. It is a method for re-cultivation of trees in areas where value of trees have decreased.
  2. Saying no to plastic: Stop using plastic and plastic bags because it is non biodegradable and is not good for environment.
  3. Awareness programmes must be conducted across the world, so that people may become aware.
  4. Reducing pollution and smoke.
  5. Save water.
  6. We must plant more and more trees as much possible.


We have to take steps in order to save our earth. All are busy in their lives and no one has time to think about the earth, which is the major concern. From today onward, we should start contributing towards saving our earth. The youth of the country has to take some effective measures to deal with this issue. All progress should be made in spite of taking care of our environment, as development should not cause any problem to the earth.

So, I request you all to take a pledge that we all will use Eco-friendly things and will promote sustainable development for the betterment of the environment and earth.

I hope you gathered some information from this article.

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