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How to Recover from Bad Past

How to recover from bad past

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We all have some kind of untold, Bad past, from which we have come out with much difficultly or are still facing problems with it. Some memories are so bad that lead a person to depression and sometimes even suicide. But ending up is not the solution for anything. I know it takes time to recover but it’s not that tough if you really want to. There are many reasons to live happily in your life with your loved ones. In this post we tell you how to forget the past

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Here are some steps for recovering from your past:


how to forget the past?

We have to accept the reality that nothing will change the bad past. Bad Past is gone and you can’t control it, but the future is still in your hands. So, you definitely have to give a refreshing start. Begin from the very beginning. It’s good to end a bad relationship rather than continuing it and hurting yourself. If someone is treating you like trash never stay in that relation. You deserve respect and if anybody disrespects you or your feelings, never tolerate that. Not only in a love relationship but also in friendship.


I know it’s really difficult to forget our bad past and how much it continuously hurts us from inside, but we do need to escape from it as soon as possible. The first step is that you need to wake up from your depression stage. Then, you need to find people who actually care for your true feelings. Stay with these people as they aren’t two-faced and will not let you down.


It’s really difficult these days to find someone who cares for you without any selfishness. But if you find someone like this you’ll be very lucky to have that person in your life. Such type of people can really help you to come out from your past no matter how much time it will take. They will never leave you in any situation. But also beware of people who are friends at your face but enemies at your back. So choose a friend wisely whom you can trust.bad past


Being in depression won’t change anything but will keep hurting you again and again. Stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. It will build a wall around you of negativity and anger. Keep in mind that those who hurt you are not anymore in your life and your life belongs to your not them. Stop hating yourself because of them. Do what you like and not what they like you to do.

  • LET IT GO:

Learn to let things go. Remove the person from your life who hurt you or harmed you mentally. And never contact that person again. Never think of taking revenge, be bold enough to let go, forgive them and move on. RememberTHE BEST REVENGE IS TO HAPPILY MOVE ON AND LET KARMA DO THE REST.’ Be smart enough to move on in your life, never looking back.


If you are continuously feeling helpless, depressed and not getting results from anything, then you need help from a professional. So, consult a psychiatrist or counselor who can help you in that situation. Sometimes it’s really difficult to resolve your past issues but with proper guidance, you can recover. After all your mental health should be your first priority. So take care of yourself and your health too.

BE YOU.bad past
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