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How To Love Yourself First

Love yourself

Loving Yourself The Way You Are

By – ST/IRSTar

Loving yourself is an art and not everyone has the talent.”

Love yourself the way you are

There are many reasons to love ourselves first than others. If you want to be happy in your life, just start loving yourself more than anything or anyone else. You deserve your time, love, care and affection.
Below are some things you should always keep in mind:



There will be many people who will judge you for your appearance, habits, lifestyle and almost anything which they don’t like. But you need to understand that these people are nothing in your life. So, if somebody says you are ‘FAT’ or ‘THIN’, just ignore and do not get sad because you are beautiful in the way you are. I have personally heard these things from many people, and I was so sensitive and emotional that I used to get depressed easily, but now I know my value and I don’t care for anybody.


Being different from others is not a bad thing. So, never be sad if you are alone because you have your family and remember that you always have ‘yourself’. There will be many difficult times in your life, where you’ll be all alone and will have to go on with no help. But the support from your parents and true friends only will always be there. From my experience I have realized the importance of these people, so never leave them specially your parents. Don’t feel bad for not having same thoughts as others because it’s not a fault to be unique and learn to accept it and love yourself.


Learn from your mistakes because these mistakes set a lesson for future. If you had a very bad relationship, never stick to that moment. Move on and start from the very beginning. I know it takes time but believe me, staying in the same moment, pain and frustration is worse. Mistakes happen for a reason and that’s why they are called mistakes. They can be corrected. Another thing you need to understand is that you are not a slave of your partner in a relationship. Learn to take your stand and don’t tolerate disrespect from your partner for your appearance or anything. You need to respect yourself first, only then will others respect you.

Take stand for yourself


Don’t be ashamed to love yourself more than anybody else because it doesn’t mean that you don’t care for anybody’s feeling. Because most people in your life are mean and selfish who will try everything to destroy your self esteem. So, don’t think what others want to make you think. Their opinions will never describe who you truly are. People will always criticize you for being different from them and will always be jealous of you but you need not care.


Despite of all of us knowing the fact that nobody is perfect, we are disappointed of ourselves for being imperfect for reasons like I am fat, thin, short, ugly, blah-blah and don’t fit in society’s standards. I mean like who set these beauty standards in which we all want to fit-in. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and we just need to know how to work on them and be happy with these imperfections. Stop being rude to yourself for not being like other people. Remember that you don’t need anybody’s approval for being beautiful or good.

In the end, I would like to say just one thing, ‘JUST BE WHO YOU ARE AND NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT TO SEE’ and keep loving the person you see in the mirror. NOW, START YOUR JOURNEY OF LOVING YOURSELF.

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