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Types of Fitness Training You Need to Know About

Types Of Fitness Training You Need To Know About

Fitness training

Stop Wishing, Start Doing.

With this thought in your minds, many of you would have made the resolution to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. Do always remember that fitness is a lifestyle and not a goal. Since you’ve done that, let me give you a brief of some of the major types of fitness training, namely Aesthetics, Cross-fit, Calisthenics, Strongman, and Power-lifting, in a quick and simple explanation.

But first, let us discuss the most important types of physical fitness.

Types of Physical Fitness:

  • Cardiovascular fitness – It refers to the proper functioning and the fitness training of the heart and lungs, the cardiovascular system. Training includes performing sprints, jogging, and swimming.

  • Muscle Strength – It refers to the strength stored in the various muscles of the body. Lifting heavy weights is a training for this.

  • Muscle Endurance – It refers to the amount of endurance and stamina with which your body can perform for extended periods of time. Lifting light weights till failure will improve this.

  • Flexibility and Balance – It refers to how much control do you have on your body and movements. Training includes doing Yoga and training the core.

Now the training…

Types of  Fitness Training:

  • Aesthetics The word means the sense of beauty and so is this type of fitness training focused on. The goal is to have a good-looking body, less concerned about strength. It is the most common training being done by people. Bodybuilding and physique competitions are related to this training. Generally done in the gym, aesthetics training includes all exercises from free weights to machines to body weight, anything that can transform that fat into beautiful muscle.

Cross-fit fitness training

  • Cross-fit – This fitness training is concerned with all-around fitness, from running to lifting, jumps to hanging, it requires practicing almost every exercise that the human body can perform. It trains you in every way in which physical fitness can be tested.

  • Calisthenics – The most convenient fitness training as it requires basically nothing but you and your body weight. This consists of exercises which require just your body weight and sometimes bars for hanging. Examples are push-ups, pull-ups, planks, sit-ups, etc. Calisthenics not only gives you improved strength but it also increases your control over your body movements.


  • Strongman – This fitness training is not about lifting those dumbbells and barbells but using that strength in more real-life situations like lifting heavy stones, throwing heavy stuff, etc. Due to these activities, this training increases your strength along with your grip and allows you to use the strength in your daily life.


  • Power-lifting – It is basically concerned about how heavy can you lift. With more focus on lifting that building a great physique, this training produces athletes that usually look smaller than bodybuilders but can lift way more pounds in the gym. Power-lifting focuses on your heaviest lift in three exercises primarily, namely Squat, Bench Press and the Deadlift.


That’s all you need to know as a beginner about these training and I hope it helped. So, what’s your pick now?

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