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Choosing The Right Friend


By – ST/IRSTar

True Friends aren’t the ones who make your problems disappear but those who don’t disappear when you’re facing problems.

Choosing the right friend is a very important thing in anyone’s life as a friend is a supporter, guide and promoter, but if not chosen wisely, the friend can result in lowering your self esteem and many other negative impacts. We’re social animals and need to make friends, but making a friend and bestowing trust in him can be a problem nowadays.

This article includes some tips that you should keep in mind before making a friend. Let’s begin.


  • Understands You

Choose a friend who understands your feelings and handles you in your tough times, specially when you’re high on emotions, not able to control yourself. Only a true friend can see your hidden sadness and tears underneath a smiling face. He should be someone who you’re really comfortable with and not feel shy of talking or doing things you want to.

  • Honest Person

A friend who is honest and trustworthy is one of the best types of friends you can have in your life. An honest friend will always be true to you and will always tell you truth. He won’t lie to impress you and you’d understand that bitter truth is always better than sweet lies. An honest friend will always be loyal to you. He will correct you and not support you in everything you do.

  • Stands by You

A good friend can sense any and every kind of problems in your life. It’s a good decision to choose a friend who can not only understand your problems but also helps you to handle them. In any kind of difficulty, you help each other and stand for each other. It’s hard to find a friend who can wipe your tears whenever you cry but finding one is worth it.

  • Not Double Faced

Telling your problems to someone you trust, who doesn’t care is not ever a good thing because there are a whole lot of people who don’t care for your feelings and talk about you behind your back. Those who smile while talking to you are not always good friends. So choose someone who never tells your secrets and problems to other.

  • Take Time

Don’t rush while making new friends. It takes time in understanding the real nature of someone. Choosing randomly anyone may result in misunderstandings and fights between you and your friend.

  • Shares Things

We all need a friend with whom we can share things be it our problems or feelings. Your friend should be a real, trustworthy one and not selfish with whom you can be chlidish, crazy and everything you are.

  • Gives more than Takes

A true friend is never selfish and would never use you for selfish interests. So, it’s important to know about the intentions of the person you’re making your friend. Also, the heading applies not only to materialistic things but emotions too. After all you expect and deserve the amount of trust, care and concern you’re giving to his problems. If your friend never cares for your feelings, it’s not bad to think once more whether he is good or not.

  • Respects You

Giving respect to each other in friendship is one of the bricks of a long lasting friendship. So find someone who respects you and your feelings and never makes joke of your emotions. If your friend never talks nicely to you in front of others then you should be smart enough to take the right step.

  • Celebrates Your Success

Only real friends can be happy on your accomplishments and success. A true friend will always motivate and encourage you to do more. He will be your supporter and motivator for your life.

  • Believes in You

A true friend will always believe in you when nobody else would. He will always ensure that you don’t lose your self confidence over opinions of other people. He will make you feel positive about yourself. When everyone else would be busy counting your mistakes and doubting your potential, he will be there to help you improve yourself and bring that hope back in you.


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