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Basics of Basketball That You should Know

Basics of Basketball


-Michael Jordan



Basketball is a sport played between two teams of five players each, consisting of a center, a shooting guard, two short forwards, and a point guard.

While the duration of the game is forty minutes in FIBA, it is forty-eight minutes in NBA. Although FIBA* and NBA** have most of the rules similar, still there are some differences that you should know. Dimensions of the court are usually 90*45 feet. The court has two rims at the contrary ends which are 10 feet above the court. If you make a shot within 3 point arc, 2 points are awarded, otherwise, 3 points are given. Any foul outcomes into a free throw. You can be expelled from the REST OF THE GAME as a result of committing more than five of these.



Some of the violations are:

1. Shot clock violation: You are given only 24 seconds to shoot the ball or in other words, to touch the rim. On failing, a violation is called.

2. Three in the key: You cannot remain in the painted area, called lane. Keep moving out of the lane in order to prevent the violation.

3. Double dribble: Once the ball is in your hands, you can only dribble it once. A violation is called on dribbling it again after touching the ball with both the hands.

4. Traveling: You cannot run without dribbling the ball. You have to dribble, otherwise traveling is called.

5. 5/8 second violation: When you have ended dribbling, you have to either pass the ball or to shoot the ball, for which you’re given 5 seconds only. Similarly, in case you fail to throw the ball to the other side of the court within 8 seconds, the 8-second violation is called.

6. Palming: There is another rule that dribbling the ball is allowed only at an angle of 45 degrees, otherwise be ready for a violation call.

7. Goal-tending: While the ball is in its way to the rim, you cannot interfere with the ball and rim.

8. Kicking: Touching the ball with either legs or feet is referred to as kicking resulting in a call of violation.

9. Charging: Dribbler is not allowed to push a defending player, so that the player may not be able to steal the ball.

10. Blocking: In contrast to charging. A defender is not allowed to block a dribbler approaching towards him.



1. Personal Fouls: Any unofficial direct contact with the player of opposite team results in personal fouls. Personal fouls result in free throws, also depending upon where the foul was committed.

2. Technical and Flagrant Fouls: The unsporting behavior of a player results in these fouls, that could be a fight between players, opposing the decision of officials, abusing coaches, players or officials which is certainly unacceptable in any sport. These are worse because committing two of these results in ejection from the game.

Consequently, the commitment of these fouls leads to ejection from the game. Therefore, you must try not to commit these and face the consequences.



1. MICHAEL JORDAN: Referred to as the greatest and richest player of basketball.

2. LEBRON JAMES: Current greatest player.

3. STEPHEN CURRY: Known for his achievements.

4. KOBE BRYANT: One of the most respected players of all time.

5. KYRIE IRVING: Played from Cleveland.


In the end, I would say that there are many more things that you need to know before playing the game.





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