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5 Remarkable Tips to Study Better

5 Tips to Study Better

Every teenager is busy during exams. Time is less and syllabus of subjects is hard.In order to learn easily, effectively and efficiently, you all need to learn some hacks or tricks that are going to be discussed here.

To learn more, read every trick and try to apply them.

1• Motivation and Energy

When we sit for the study we usually open our book and start reading and only after ten to fifteen minutes, check our phones. To avoid this we need to first think about what we have to do? We need to understand that study is the only way of success. First of all, take five to ten deep breath. And think what you want to do? For better concentration and energy take light suppers.

2• Place and Time

Many people, without knowing this, sit in that place from where they can easily get distracted. They come up with the thought that they will study hard, but the laziness makes their minds to sit there only from where they can run away from study. Every time this happens and they fail. To avoid this, try to change your sitting place every day and make an analysis on which place is best to study. Another tip is that you should choose a place with at least one window for better results. Nowadays people chose night time to study which it is wrong because at night the learning capacity of the mind is just 10%. In order to get better results, the study in the morning from 4 am to 6 am. During this time the learning capacity is 100%. At evening, 6 pm to 8 pm is the best with a learning capacity of 50%.

3• Method and Duration

Everyone uses the same rubbish method of evaluating study with time spent reading. They just read and believe to have understood the whole topic, but it is not even an hour afterward that they start forgetting things. To avoid this major problem start from easy things and build confidence and interest. And after every paragraph close your eyes and think what you have learned. Duration also plays the major role because usually if you do not take breaks after focused study of quite a long duration, you will lose interest really fast. In order to avoid this take some break while learning things.

4• Cooling the Body

Do you know that the brain uses a huge amount of energy from our body? And this is quite reasonable also because our body is so big. But the excess use of energy creates a headache and anger too. To avoid this consume large amounts of water but in small sips. This will increase the effectiveness of your study.

5• Reciting and Notes

Most of the people this mistake. When they complete their study they just leave books without any thought of what they just completed. This is another big problem. To avoid all these things you need to imagine and not read as when you will image the thing you have learned, it gets triggered and stays for a longer time. And for big topics, just learn them and make key-points which will make your learning better.

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