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10 Study Hacks To Improve Memory

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10 Study Hacks To Improve Memory

In today’s busy life, people always have a lack of time, be it anything they want to do. Everyone needs some hacks and tips to improve there skill and performance. So today, I am with some new hacks and tips to improve your life. These tips are self-implemented and scientifically proved also. These tips are simple and easy but we are unaware of how much they can affect us and on knowing, term them as miracles. So begin to think of the logic behind every happening.

1. Meditation :

This improves the focus of our mind. Meditation helps our mind to control itself and to avoid distractions. It helps in balancing our emotions and reduces anxiety and social problems in our life.

2. Exercise :

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Exercise helps in the proper functioning of our body and helps to decrease tension, depression, and anger. Exercise keeps our mind healthy and provides sufficient energy to our mind and the body. This is very helpful in our day-to-day life. It also builds confidence in us.

3. Logical Calculation :

This improves fast decisions making the ability of our mind. Many times do we face such situations where we need to make quick decisions and that’s where logical calculations help us. Logical questions are also important because they are asked in many examinations.

4. Mint Chewing-gum :

This also helps in strong focusing ability. Mint contains the highest amount of anti-oxidants which are essential for our mind. This prevents memory loss and regular use of mint also makes us mentally alert. This also boosts energy in the body.

5. Coffee :

Consumption of coffee helps in increasing our capacity for learning. Caffeine affects the central nervous system and stimulates it, making us feel active. Coffee improves our mood, reaction time, attention, learning and general mental function.

6. Practice :

We all know that practice is the main key to success. Practice creates a habit and good habits automatically help in the completion of our work in a better way.

7. Brain Games :

Brain games like Sudoku, Puzzles etc are helpful in mental development. These games increase our capability and accuracy. Games are interesting and so can help in easy learning.

8. Revising : 

Revising helps us to learn things for long periods. When we revise something, the knowledge gets back in our mind and now, for a longer period of time. This also decreases the need for cramming and makes our learning proper.

9. Relate with Situations :

It makes our learning easy. If we relate the chapters with some real-life situations, it becomes easy to understand and remember. Many difficult chapters become easy with this trick and we can learn that chapter easily.

10. Make Points : 

Making points helps for easy learning. Many times we have a chapter which is not easy to remember and if we cram that, we easily forget it. Make notes and points using first and last letters. We can remember more in this way and easily learn them.

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